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Getting Your Home Ready For The Market – Common Repairs

Most buyers love a “move in ready” home.  A home will be less appealing to the masses if there are noticeable repairs, visible damages and a dirty appearance.   If budget and time allow then hiring a home inspector before you put your home on the market is highly recommended.  Most homes will have to be inspected by a licensed home inspector before the sale of the home closes – per the lender.  Why not be ahead of the game?  Otherwise, use these helpful tips to get your home ready for a quick sale.  Hire a professional for the trickier fixes!


  • Installing new lighting is one of the most economical face lifts you can give your property.
  • Outdated fixtures make your property feel outdated to buyers.
  • Install new light bulbs. Make sure to use the correct wattage for the light fix­ture.
  • Install new toilets if the current ones are old & damaged.
  • Clean windows both inside and outside.
  • Repair broken windows.
  • Make sure windows slide on tracks easily.
  • Wash window screens and replace damaged ones.
  • Update blinds if current ones are old & damaged.
  • Repair/replace the garbage disposal if needed.
  • Repair or update the faucets in sinks and bathrooms, including shower heads.


  • Kitchens and bathrooms must be immaculate.
  • Update appliances if possible.
  • Check doors and cabinets to make sure they open smoothly. Repair if needed.
  • Tighten doorknobs.
  • Re-caulk and re-grout showers, tubs and sinks.
  • Touch-up cabinet paint in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Consider upgrading bathroom mirrors.
  • Replace missing or broken tiles.
  • Replace/repair the garbage disposal if needed.
  • Air out and clean inside of cabinets and under sinks.


  • Neutral wall, tile & carpet choices are best for selling a home.
  • Use bright color accents in pillows, home décor and paintings to liven the space.
  • Fix broken doors, screens in windows and loose shutters.
  • Clean the interior of the home inside so that it sparkles and smells good.
  • Have your HVAC (inside & outside units), water heater and water softener cleaned and serviced.
  • Fix holes and/or damages to walls, ceilings, and floors.


  • Power wash home, driveway, walks, fences, etc. to remove grime, mildew, etc.
  • Maintain lawn maintenance
  • Add fresh mulch to all planting beds
  • Repaint front door and shutters (if needed)
  • Prune back shrubs that are covering windows and walkways